Currently: Level 6 on LocalGuides: CLICK HERE for ALL reviews on Google Maps by “SocialAlex” (that’s me, Alex Yong)

My Google Maps LISTS are below. Please note, right now it’s just a handful and for the most part they’re “still under construction”, but you can still click on them:
Curious about culture? by “SocialAlex”
Items for your house or apartment by “SocialAlex”
My life as a NYC local by “SocialAlex”

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The official platform/forum for Google’s Local Guides program is run by Google, and it’s named Local Guides Connect, here are some links to it. My username there is SocialAlex

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Local Guides Connect – YouTube, announcements, how to’s, meet a mod, etc.

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Google NYC local guide Alex Yong SocialAlex
Google NYC local guide Alex Yong SocialAlex