⚫ October 2019: Think You’re Too Small to Offer Benefits? Think Again  (Interview with Kevin Boyles of Millennium Trust) by Alex Yong ➢ for small businesses owners, startups, small business employees, advisory teams, HR professionals, benefits tech professionals, fintech watchers, etc

⚫ September 2019: When a Bank Says “Yes But…” It Sure Beats a Straight “No”  (Interview with Jim Shehigian of P2Bi) by Alex Yong ➢ for fintech industry watchers, disruption watchers, small businesses, startups, innovation watchers, advisory teams, local economic development proponents, etc

⚫ November 2018: Don’t Be Blindsided: Watch Economic Trends as Well as Your Own (Interview with Krista Morgan of P2Bi) by Alex Yong ➢ for startups, small businesses, advisory teams, etc

⚫ October 2018: The First Small Business Truth-in-Lending Act Has Been Passed in California (Interview with Louis Caditz-Peck of LendingClub) by Alex Yong ➢ for startups, small businesses, advisory teams, regulation watchdog groups, etc

⚫ May 2018: Kabbage Sees More Mobile Lending, Women and Minority Owned Businesses Seeking Funds (Interview with Kathryn Petralia of Kabbage) by Alex Yong ➢ for startups, small businesses, advisory teams, etc

⚫ February 2018: PayPal Unveils 3 New EMV-Compliant Devices for POS and mPOS by Alex Yong ➢ for B2C startups, retail trend watchers, small and microbusinesses, etc

⚫ November 2017: Jason Calacanis Wrote a Book on Angel Investing Named (You Guessed it) “Angel” (Book review) by Alex Yong ➢ for accredited investors, startups, etc

⚫ November 2017: Jeremy Epstein Names Some Fintech and Efficiency Pioneers Who Are Going All in on Distributed Ledger Technologies by Alex Yong ➢ for advisory teams, investors, startups, watchers of dApps and “decentralized” trends, etc

⚫ July 2017: When it comes to TA, don’t put your foot in your mouth by Alex Yong ➢ for Gen Z, Millennials, etc

⚫ January 2017: Most Financial Institutions Are Still Hesitant to Serve Cannabis Businesses by Alex Yong ➢ for small businesses, cannabis industry think tanks, cannabis activists, cannabusiness watchdog entities, etc

⚫ April 2014: The Newly-Announced Paychex-IHS Small Business Jobs Index Could Prove Useful in Tandem with Well-Known Proxy Indicators by Alex Yong ➢ for startups, small businesses, big businesses, economic development entities, municipalities, urban planners, etc

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