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You could say I’m hypersocial or that I have a lot of friends (click here) or that I’m always down to hang out in-person (well, pre COVID-19 I was down to hang out in-real-life☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️) — there’s truth to all three. Browse my social media accounts if you’d like, but don’t pitch through them. My email is on this page. Use it.

I create lots of content – Here are some HIGHLIGHTS

T.Pennington / A.Brinkman (2018 video), (transcribed too)
K.Davenport (2018 article)
M.Clayton (2015 video)
C.Gronkowski (2017 article)
A.Brinkman / T.Pennington (2019 video), (transcribed too)
A.Brinkman / T.Pennington (2020 video)


Find me on The New York Observer (@innovation) and (@smallbiztrends) by clicking the links here.

The Livestreamed Livelihoods column exists on; Livestreamed Livelihoods debuted in 2015 with NBC Today Show personality Mario Armstrong.

(Note: is 18 years old, established in October of 2003. So the Livestreamed Livelihoods column is a 7 year old column on an 18-and-a-half year old website. I hope that’s clear) . . . As of July 22, 2018, the column has had 34 guests. You can see a list of past guests here: All guests (2015-2018) in Livestreamed Livelihoods. As a hashtag, #LivestreamedLivelihoods exists on Twitter to help bring attention to the actual column. The column is purely written, despite its name.

Some other interviews and transcripts are here, spanning from 2013 to now. However, MuckRack emphasizes recent content, so I encourage you to click on the MuckRack button above.

I love being cited or quoted

I’m quoted or cited in
TheNextWeb, SpinSucks,, Business2community, GritDaily,, Ri Web UK, Huffington Post,, and more


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I also do very and I mean VERY social collaborations in real life and I’ve recorded many of them on video at: SocialAlex.NYC, which is also my social tech blog.

In fact, when it comes to “in real life” social, I honestly wonder if there’s a blogger in the blogosphere who can out-social me (at least here in Manhattan) hence “social butterfly”.