I write content for The New York Observer (@innovation) and (@smallbiztrends).

The Livestreamed Livelihoods column exists on; it debuted in 2015 with NBC Today Show personality Mario Armstrong.

(Note: is 14 years old, established in 2004. The Livestreamed Livelihoods column, which I created in 2015 and maintain, is 3 years old. I hope that’s clear) . . . As of July 22, 2018, there’ve been 34 guests, with more to come. You can see a list of past guests here: All guests (2015-2018) in Livestreamed Livelihoods. As a hashtag, #LivestreamedLivelihoods exists on Twitter to help bring attention to the actual column. The column is purely written, despite its name.

Some other interviews and transcripts (2013-present) are here.


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